At NZ Grazing South we match graziers and dairy heifer owners; but it doesn't end there....

We're not just match makers, we are in this partnership with you 'gumboots and all'.  We monitor individual heifer performance, health and well-being for optimum results for owner and grower monthly.  We have been doing this in Otago/Southland since 2013 and for over 25 years in the North Island.

Leah Baldwin at NZ Grazing South offers a personalised service for both heifer growers and dairy farmers. With good local knowledge she is able to source experienced, results driven graziers and contract them on a weight gain payment system that rewards growth and animal health.

 Using grazing contracts based on a cents per kilo of DM eaten and a feed management software programme called MDM.

So, we weren't kidding, we"re not just matchmakers, at NZGSouth we are your partners -

A Partnership that Grows Great Heifers.


We believe a successful partnership provides a win for both parties. Our MDM system achieves that.

So what does that look like?

Basically, the heifer owner receives a quality heifer that has met industry targets for live-weight and reproductive performance. The heifer grower is well rewarded for the heifers under their care attaining those targets.

MDM guarantees that the Owner pays the true value of the feed provided to grow his heifers and the Grower receives the true value of the feed consumed.

No-one else does that.

To ensure both owner and grower benefit from the final outcome and each individual heifers performance is monitored and maintained we have regular check in points and communication systems in place. We set individual base and optimum targets, have proven systems and metrics in place and processes to ensure a successful outcome.



This is what we do, and we pride ourselves on doing it well. We do not split our time over other services/products. You are our priority.


We pay our growers regardless even if an owner’s payment is not yet received by NZGS.


Animal health insurance, death compensation, vet needs, vaccinations, mating, bulls, AI, individual heifer identification, Nait transfers. Everything is recorded on our system.

We deliver regular reports

At regular intervals, typically each month, our field technicians visit and record growth rate, heath treatments, and visually check each individual animal, Any animal not present are note and investigated.

We use Tru Test load bars, monitor and scanners which are routinely calibrated and serviced.

Using an app called Blue Linker all weigh data is sent directly to our office at the completion of the weigh. These are downloaded into our MDM program and results emailed to both owner and grower typically with in 48 hours of weight.

Health Insurance is covered

Health Insurance is paid at a set rate per animal per week and covers the veterinary costs as specified in the contract, including mineral and trace elements such as B12, Selenium and Copper. This insurance does not cover the cost of optional treatments such as vaccinations or mating related veterinary fees. Our standard agreement includes protection against lose and death for every animal delivered. Along with a compensation payment (typically $500) we also refund the full cost of grazing incurred since delivery of the animal. 

We work with Techion Group Limited to regularly sample and test each group of heifers. Testing enables our growers to better manage drenching and grazing rotations.


A fair process where everyone gains

The farmer/owner is only paying for the amount of feed consumed and converted to weight gain. The grower is only being paid for the amount of feed consumed and converted to weight gain. No other system provider does this.


Our MDM system takes the amount of feed the animal has consumed to have put on X weight over a 30-45 day period. Weight gain is converted to cents per kilogram.

While being easy to understand and calculate, flat rate weekly and weight gain contracts often create rewards and penalties at odds with the goal of growing healthy and productive dairy replacements.

Moving beyond traditional flat rate grazing; our Modeled Dry Matter (MDM) payment system is designed to better reflect the true economic drivers of New Zealand pasture grazing systems.


We calculate the energy requirement for each animal on each day of the grazing term.

We take into account genetics and age along with our regular records of actual weight and rate of weigh gain. Our energy requirement calculations are based on leading industry research, and have been verified by Dairy NZ. We express the energy requirements in kilograms of dry matter (kg DM) at the standard conversion of 11 MJ ME per kg DM.

We value the energy required in cents per kilogram of dry matter.

All energy requirements are valued at a base price; the MDM Base Rate. Adjustments are applied to the base rate to cover periods having special requirements; Daily energy requirements for animals under 267 days of age are multiplied by the MDM Juvenile Adjustment Rate. This adjustment reflects the higher feed quality required for young animals. Daily energy requirements during the months May, June, July, and August are multiplied by the MDM Winter Adjustment Rate. This adjustment reflects limited pasture supply during these months.

We calculate a target weight for each animal and apply a bonus or penalty based on performance.

We target 90% of mature weight at 22 months of age. Mature target weights can be based on either a breed average or individual breeding value for liveweight. 

Target weights during the grazing term are adjusted to reflect New Zealand's seasonal feed availability. Animals on or above target generate a bonus increase to their MDM rate. Animals below 90% of their target weight have a penalty reduction to their MDM rate. 


NZGSouth is continuely working with industry experts to ensure we are putting in place the best management practices and information around protecting your stock and farms from disease.

As part of our commitment our service includes...

Individual Identification

All stock must have EID (Nait) and LID (Life Time Identification) tags and are also tagged with a company management number. The company maintains a database of each heifers EID, LID and management number, along with all stock movements (Nait) animal health treatments, weights and mating details. (including the health status and source of service bulls).  

Data Base and Tracibility

Our company data base retains all information on each individual animal gathered over the contract period. This data is stored indefinitely in our system, providing valuable health and tracibility information.

Farm Animal Health Declaration Form

All Owners/Growers are required to complete a Farm Animal Health Declaration form on an annual basis.

This covers the current health status and biosecurity of both stock and property, including diseases such as M.Bovis, BVD, Lepto and Johnes.


This is where we let our customers do the talking. After all, you want to hear it from the horse's mouth right?